A New Year


I started this blog to share my journey of answering God’s call to ministry. It has been intermittent at its best and with many long gaps in time at its worst. I’ve shared thoughts, fears, and even sermons in this space. One of my goals for 2019 is to returning to my original intention of sharing my journey through this forum. Today, I recommit to the practice of writing. Each week (still working on what day I’ll commit to) I take a little time to discuss and process my thoughts on scripture, the church, the world, and personal things that are on my mind. Every week, I plan at least one sermon and three yoga classes and I do a lot of research to do that work well. Sharing something special here will be a new discipline to help with that work while also giving me an opportunity to reflect before those final offerings.

There is a lot on the horizon for me professionally too. Remember, this blog began by sharing the letter I wrote to my congregation asking for a discernment process to help me respond to God’s call to ministry. Here I am, five years later, actively seeking a call to ministry in a church. I am now an Ordinand in the United Church of Canada and with the acceptance of a provisional call I will be eligible to be ordained on May 26, 2019. I graduated with a Masters in Divinity in May of 2018 and I am currently completing the last part of my preordination education at Rawdon Hills United Church in Nova Scotia. I am seeking a call here in Nova Scotia now and look forward to where the Spirit leads me. It is a very exciting time to be in ministry as the larger church transitions to a new governance model and I feel ready to take on that challenge in a new position.

So, here’s to sharing my thoughts with you in the coming year! Thank you for taking time to check in every now and then to read my thoughts on life, God, ministry, and more. Namaste.

In the Peace and Love of Christ,


About kimcurlett

Mom, Minister, Yoga Teacher
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