Am I selling the Yoga Studio?

secretI am sitting down to start putting together the Powerpoint presentation for this Sunday’s service in the sanctuary of my church.  After my “big” announcement this week it is really great to be here in this place.  I have been reflecting on how the only one really surprised about my decision to discern a call to be a minister is me! What does this mean for me? I don’t know.  I do realize that I have created a buzz around one question: What does it mean to the future of ALL YOGA?

What I do know is this:  When I sell the studio it will be to someone who will care for and love our clients as much as I do.  I have created a team that has nurtured a community that is alive and thriving.  The business is in the best shape it has ever been and is growing.  If my church decides that I am called to be a Minister then it will mean that I am going back to school full time.  The simple truth is that I will not be able to run a business and do that at the same time.  So the answer to the burning question on a few minds is Yes, I will be selling the studio if this is the case.  So this next year will be a process of setting up the business in such a way that it is ready for someone to step in and take over with ease and grace should that be the final decision. At the forefront of any decisions that I make will be my unfaltering desire to love and serve the clients and the team of ALL YOGA.

The discernment process will take at least a year and my church very well may decide that I am not an acceptable candidate.  In that case, I would continue on my path of service through my business.  The discernment process will take at least a year so there is a lot of time for questioning, dreaming, and planning.  So I ask you this:  Do you have a calling of your own?  Have you ever thought about owning your own business?   Do you or could you have the means to run a successful yoga studio?

Don’t be afraid to ask me anything directly. There are a lot of secrets in the Yoga community.  This will not be one of them.  I have nothing to hide and will proudly share this journey with whoever desires to walk beside me.  Peace ~k

“YOUR PROFESSION is not what brings home your weekly paycheck; your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do—with such passion and such intensity it becomes a spiritual calling.” -Vincent van Gogh

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